The Fresno Fiasco

September 5, 2018

A lot of talk has been happening in the Mennonite twitter world (which is a pretty weird overlap of two very different realms) in the last few days about changes in a Master’s program at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. Mostly connected to this article. Since I am a student in that program, I thought I

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TV show review: PURE (CBC)

September 30, 2017

Back at the beginning of the year, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released a new TV show called “Pure.” It was set in a Mexican Mennonite community in southern Ontario, similar to mine in a lot of ways (and different in some key ways too). It’s a rare privilege to get that kind of media attention,

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Witness 2: The Reawakening

December 5, 2013

The relationship between Mennonites and the entertainment industry hasn’t always been a  good one. On the one hand, “we” (and I use that term loosely) haven’t always been happy with the morality of what appears on our screens.  On the other hand, we are often used as characters in their storylines that misrepresent us.  Today’s

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Is missional thinking based in Christendom?

April 12, 2013

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of missional thinking. I love the challenge to ask how the church can join God’s ongoing mission rather than asking how we can get God to bless our church programming.  I love the emphasis on developing a sense of belonging before the rigid requirements of belief. But there

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A Tale of Two Meetings

March 22, 2013

I would like to talk about two meetings with some obvious differences and some profound similarities. The first is a series of meetings that took place across Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba in the early 1920s.  Members of various conservative, traditional Mennonite churches were gathering to discus how to respond to recent government policies put in

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What makes a Mennonite?

September 15, 2011

Mennonite is a term that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Many of those meanings can be summed up in three categories; Mennonites are known by seed, by deed and by creed. … by seed. – Mennonite is primarily a faith position, but throughout time and in many parts of the

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