I’m walking, look at me

September 4, 2012

Sunday morning I challenged my congregation to do a few things.  I suggested they should pray more if they aren’t already praying regularly.  I also suggested that they could use the words of the Psalms as their prayer or at least to frame their prayer.  Those, while perhaps new for me, are pretty standard things

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He Still Believes

August 23, 2012

Do you know the Count of Monte Cristo?  You may have read the book, and if so, my hat goes off to you, because it’s quite long.  You may have seen one of the various film adaptations of it.  This epic tale told by Alexandre Dumas hits at something central to our understanding of the

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I Love Atheists

July 27, 2012

Every now and then I get to have some fun with a sermon series at my church. This August is one of those times.  I have decided to talk about a group of people long marginalized by the church, atheists. It’s no secret that some atheists make it hard for Christians to like them, some

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I always knew they were wrong

June 8, 2012

It might not look like it, but I am an egalitarian.  In Christian theological terms, that means I believe that (among other things), in the eyes of God, men and women are of equal value and that the traditionally understood Biblical list of spiritual gifts are given to men and women alike. I understand that there

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Maybe Trayvon Martin stood his ground

March 30, 2012

These days, you might see more people wearing hooded sweatshirts than normal.  You might see more people eating Skittles than normal. If you notice this, don’t feel intimidated. If this warning sounds absurd, it should. South of the border, there is a news story that is stirring up racial tension and is bringing to light

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Brown-named handsome man

February 24, 2012

There are a lot of people who don’t follow the news because it’s too depressing.  Sometimes I am tempted to join them. I wasn’t a huge music buff growing up, so I was never a big Whitney Houston fan. Still, her name was big enough that parts of her private life were common knowledge. I

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Manning Up

February 23, 2012

Did you see that video a little while ago where the American soldiers were videotaped urinating on the corpses of deceased Taliban fighters?  It was disturbing, to say the least.  Understandably, it made newspaper headline all around the world. What ever happened to that story?  Were the soldiers identified and brought to justice?  Was a

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June 7, 2011

Thank you for visiting this website. I will be posting some writing as well as sermon podcasts. I welcome comments on both. This explanation is available in the “About Us” section, but this is why I’ve chosen the name “Third Way.” For centuries, followers of Jesus around the world have felt that there are only

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