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  • I forgave Ben Johnson

    I forgave Ben Johnson

    Twenty-five years ago this week our country was in turmoil. There was only one thing we wanted to hear about on the news and there was only one thing we discussed at the coffee shop. Even on the playground at my elementary school, all we wanted to talk about was how much we hated Ben […]

  • Still buying green bananas #MennoNerdsOnLoss

    Still buying green bananas #MennoNerdsOnLoss

    At the hospice I visit from time to time, there is a list in the staff room of things not to say.  It’s a good reminder that even the things said by well-meaning people can be difficult for people to answer if they are dying or watching a loved one die.  Among the expressions on […]

  • Give up the rim (for Lent) to win

    This was printed last year in the local newspaper, and I’ve modified it to fit Lent this year.  Every year it boggles my mind that Roll up the Rim coincides with Lent. Old fashioned church stuff is dying.  Various media outlets love to repeat this news.  Some people within the church don’t believe this news […]