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  • But did I help her?

    The other day when my wife was sick, I did my fatherly duty and got the kids out of the house so that she could rest.  My plan was to put my infant son in the stroller and load up the wagon with recyclable paper and cardboard, and my 3 year old daughter could take […]

  • Will the church be left behind?

    Have you ever felt on election day that your vote doesn’t matter because what the pollsters are predicting is already inevitable?  We don’t feel like that in Alberta, for the first time in a long time. A year ago Canada had a federal election and the pollsters were saying that Harper had a chance of […]

  • Maybe Trayvon Martin stood his ground

    These days, you might see more people wearing hooded sweatshirts than normal.  You might see more people eating Skittles than normal. If you notice this, don’t feel intimidated. If this warning sounds absurd, it should. South of the border, there is a news story that is stirring up racial tension and is bringing to light […]

  • Stop, in the name of grace

    One of the first things that visitors and newly arrived residents will notice about this part of the world is that pedestrians are given an incredible amount of freedom to walk across the road, whenever and wherever they want.  The question of who gets right of way is answered differently around the world, but here […]

  • Brown-named handsome man

    There are a lot of people who don’t follow the news because it’s too depressing.  Sometimes I am tempted to join them. I wasn’t a huge music buff growing up, so I was never a big Whitney Houston fan. Still, her name was big enough that parts of her private life were common knowledge. I […]

  • Manning Up

    Did you see that video a little while ago where the American soldiers were videotaped urinating on the corpses of deceased Taliban fighters?  It was disturbing, to say the least.  Understandably, it made newspaper headline all around the world. What ever happened to that story?  Were the soldiers identified and brought to justice?  Was a […]

  • Give up the rim (for Lent) to win

    This was printed last year in the local newspaper, and I’ve modified it to fit Lent this year.  Every year it boggles my mind that Roll up the Rim coincides with Lent. Old fashioned church stuff is dying.  Various media outlets love to repeat this news.  Some people within the church don’t believe this news […]

  • What makes a Mennonite?

    Mennonite is a term that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Many of those meanings can be summed up in three categories; Mennonites are known by seed, by deed and by creed. … by seed. – Mennonite is primarily a faith position, but throughout time and in many parts of the […]

  • AMOEBAS are cuter than TULIPS

    Bruxy Cavey recently bemoaned the fact that Arminians have no cute flower nicknames like the Calvinists have with their TULIP acronym. Greg Boyd agreed and issued a challenge for Arminians to come up with one. I won’t pretend to have a full grasp of Arminian theology, but for me a great start is a great […]

  • Welcome

    Thank you for visiting this website. I will be posting some writing as well as sermon podcasts. I welcome comments on both. This explanation is available in the “About Us” section, but this is why I’ve chosen the name “Third Way.” For centuries, followers of Jesus around the world have felt that there are only […]

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