Am I just lucky?

November 1, 2015

This past Saturday afternoon, I sat with my wife, watching our three children run around a playground. We took a trip to celebrate ten years of marriage and we had spent much of our quiet time reflecting on how far we had come, what we had gone through together, and what we had accomplished. In

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Ruby’s Waitressing Dream

July 29, 2015

My daughter came home from the last day of school with a package of books, crafts and papers. It was the culmination of projects, journals and art from the whole school year, as well as information about the summer and information about the next school year. It was fun to flip through the various pages

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How I Talk to My Little Girls

June 28, 2013

An article showed up on my Facebook feed a few times a long time ago.  I had a reaction to it at the time, but I figured it would fade away, which it mostly did.  Now I’ve seen the article posted again a few more times and I thought it would be worth spelling out

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Babies don’t fix anything

May 3, 2013

Every now and then I hear people talk as though having a baby will somehow fix a part of their life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love babies.  I think there are lots of people who aren’t having babies that should.  Still, it needs to be clear that having a baby, whether it’s by birth

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I forgot

March 17, 2013

I forgot how tired I felt when at two in the morning I was woken up by a crying baby and a frustrated wife. I forgot how keenly aware I was of the sleep I was losing, the productivity I would be sacrificing and how much my forthcoming decrease in mental alertness would cost me.

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