Theological ponderings from William Loewen

Vichy the Squishy dealer

This story is based on Matthew 13:  45-46.

When Jesus walked this earth, he told stories about “the Kingdom.”
He didn’t just want to help people go to heaven when they died, he wanted to show them how to live in the Kingdom now.
One of the stories he told about the Kingdom went something like this.

There was once a girl named Vichy.
And she was like a lot of people, so she liked colourful things, and she liked cartoony type things, and she especially loved squishy things.

Well, when Vichy found out that there were squishy toys, called squishies, she had to have one. And then she had to have two, and then she had to have five, and then she had to have one hundred.
Pretty soon, Vichy wasn’t just collecting squishies, but she was also buying squishies and selling squishies. Everyone knew that if you want a squishy you talk to Vichy. She would buy the small squishies for one dollar and sell them for five dollars. She would buy the big squishies for five dollars and sell them for twenty-five dollars.

Vichy started visiting toy stores and then toy factories around the country. The more squishies she bought, the more customers wanted to buy them from her. Then she started travelling around the world to squishy factories in Japan, Italy and South Africa. She was asked to join squishy design focus groups and to sit in on squishy testing circles.

One day, when she was visiting a factory that was famous for making the best squishies, she saw a squishy in a glass case. It was colourful, it was cartoony, but Vichy didn’t know how squishy this squishy was. She talked the factory owner.
“That is our most expensive squishy,” the owner said.
“Okay, but how squishy is that squishy?” asked Vichy.

The owner took the squishy from the case and put it in Vichy’s hands. Right away she knew, it was the squishiest squishy Vichy had ever squished. Then, this squishiest squishy became Vichy’s greatest wishie. But Vichy couldn’t afford the squishy.

So, she went back home, and started to sell off all of her squishies. Then, Vichy brought all of her money back to the squishy factory to buy that squishiest squishy.

So Vichy didn’t have one hundred squishies anymore. She didn’t have five or even two. Vichy had one squishy, and it was the happiest she could ever be.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like Vichy and her squishiest squishy.


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